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323 Creative Designs

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord.. Colossians 3:23

I'm Kalita, the lead photographer and graphic designer within our company.

Some would say I've been a creative soul since birth. I tend to agree.

Not until I,

...earned a formal graphics communications degree, 
...worked a 5+ year stint at one of the largest creative venues out there, Hallmark Cards,

...earned a Masters in Business Administration

...and took several years of photographing my friends and family

did I decide to form 323 Creative Designs.

(We also do business as 323 Creative Designs and Photography to ensure no one gets confused by what we do. :-) )

We are hard at work capturing, creating, and designing for our growing number of clients.

We would love to work with you, too!

Thanks for stopping by!

For You. | By Us. | Through Him.

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